Payment data migration
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Payment data migration
Import the existing customer data into Solidgate accounts with a smooth transition

Solidgate offers a feature to import your existing customer data into your Solidgate account for a seamless transition. This ensures uninterrupted charging of your customers using their existing payment details.

Required parameters for card data migration

To initiate card data migration, Solidgate requires the following information:

  • Full Card Number
  • Card Expiration Date
  • Cardholder Name
  • Customer Email
  • card_scheme_transaction_id that is mandatory for processing recurring payments as Card on File
  • Additional mandatory data for local processing
  • Optionally, customer_account_id from the previous provider for matching tokens with customers

After the migration, Solidgate provides a file containing:

  • Customer Email
  • Solidgate’s Card Token
  • Masked Card Number
  • Passed Additional Parameters

Merchant storing card details

For merchants storing their customer’s card details and transferring payments from another provider to Solidgate:

  • A Guide
    Processing payments without a CVV simplifies customer interactions, leading to higher conversion rates and satisfaction. Allowing transactions without CVV for specific use cases minimizes declines and improves payment success rates.
    charge without a CVV
    is possible if the first payment with the CVV card was processed by another provider. Provide scheme_transaction_id for high conversion rates as Card on File (COF).
  • Without scheme_transaction_id, payments can still be processed as Guide
    MOTO is a type of card-not-present transaction where a customer provides their payment information, such as credit card details, through methods like regular mail services, telephone, or fax, rather than in-person.
    Mail Order Telephone Order
    (MOTO) but with a lower conversion rate.
  • Payments using the Primary Account Number (PAN) and expiration date, referred to as Customer Initiated Payment (CIT), do not require scheme_transaction_id.

Another acquirer storing card details

If you are a merchant processing payments through a different acquirer that stores card details, you can securely transfer all the card data to Solidgate. As a result, you will receive card tokens from Solidgate, which are essential for charging users and creating subscriptions.

It is highly recommended to have a scheme_transaction_id when transferring data from another acquirer to ensure a higher approval rate for the transferred data and related transactions.

Data transfer from another acquirer

To successfully transfer the payment data

  1. Complete Solidgate integration.
  2. Notify Solidgate of your data transfer plan.
  3. Request your current processor to transfer data to Solidgate.
  4. Update your integration to finalize migration.

When you initiate the data transfer request with your previous processor, contact Solidgate for secure assistance with the data transfer process. The preferred method to import your customer payment details varies based on the provider and can be done via SFTP server or another secure method.

The time required for your previous processor to transfer the final data to Solidgate can range from a few days to several weeks. Therefore, it is essential to consider this transition period in your migration plan.

Following the data import, Solidgate generates card tokens that enable seamless payment processing. We will provide you with a file containing these card tokens and user information (e.g., email) to facilitate matching from your end.

Please note that subscriptions cannot be imported and must be recreated separately.

Should any issues arise with the data received, Solidgate will communicate them to you and collaborate with your previous processor to resolve them.

Subscriptions migration

To migrate subscriptions

  1. Create Guide
    Create and maintain a stable and healthy business subscription model.
    products in Solidgate with identical pricing and billing intervals.
  2. Recreate each subscription in Solidgate using the provided card tokens.
By following these instructions, you can smoothly migrate your customer data and subscriptions to Solidgate, ensuring uninterrupted payment processing.

It is recommended to engage with your customers regarding this transition, particularly about subscriptions, to uphold transparency and trust.