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Giropay allows to make secure online payments in real time in Germany
Giropay API is the official online banking payment method in Germany, introduced in 2005. Giropay allows merchants to accept real-time internet payments, utilizing customers' own banking environments for high-security transactions. Countries Germany (DE)

Currencies Euro (EUR)

Min amount 0.01 EUR

Max amount No limit
(Up to 10,000 EUR - payment guaranteed; Over 10,000 EUR - payment not guaranteed)
Recurring No

Refund Yes

Chargeback No

Principle of operation

  1. Selection at checkout: Users select Giropay and choose their bank.
  2. Redirection to bank: Customers are redirected to their bank’s login page.
  3. Transaction authentication: The bank displays transaction data, and the customer enters their account number or PIN.
  4. Real-time authorization: The bank authorizes the transaction in real-time, deducting the amount from the customer’s account.
  5. Merchant confirmation: Merchants receive real-time confirmation of the payment from the bank.
  6. Customer redirect: Customers are redirected back to the merchant’s site with a confirmation of successful payment.