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PSE enhances Colombian e-commerce with a leading online bank transfer solution
PSE API is a leading online bank transfer solution in Colombia, supported by 20 different banks, offering a direct and efficient payment method ideal for the Colombian e-commerce sector. Countries Colombia (CO)

Currencies Colombian Peso (COP)

Min amount 1600 COP
Recurring No

Refund Yes

Chargeback No

Principle of operation

  1. Account selection: Users must have a savings or current account with one of the 20 affiliated financial entities.
  2. Transaction initiation: Customers start the payment process by selecting their bank and logging into their online banking.
  3. Transaction authorization: Payment details are pre-populated, and users authorize the transaction using their banking password and an additional security verification (token, SMS, etc.).
  4. Real-time processing: Payments are processed in real time, directly from users’ bank accounts.
  5. Confirmation receipt: Users receive immediate confirmation of their transaction.

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