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Sofort simplifies secure, real-time bank transfers across Europe
Sofort API is Europe's top bank transfer provider, offering a seamless and secure payment option without the need for account creation or card numbers. It is a leading payment method in Germany, Austria, and widely used across 13 countries, including the UK. Countries Austria (AT), Belgium (BE), Switzerland (CH), Germany (DE), Spain (ES), Netherlands (NL), Italy (IT), Poland (PL), France (FR), United Kingdom (GB), Sweden (SE), Hungary (HU), Finland (FI)

Currencies Euro (EUR), Swiss Franc (CHF)

Min amount 1 EUR (or equivalent)

Max amount Bank dependent
Refund Yes

Chargeback No
*Rarely, Sofort payments can fail after authorization due to shopper cancellation or bank delays, leading to irrefutable chargebacks with possible reversal notifications.

Principle of operation

  1. Payment method selection: Customers choose Sofort at checkout.
  2. Bank selection and authentication: Customers are redirected to select their bank and authenticate the payment using their credentials and TAN.
  3. Direct debit of funds: The transaction amount is directly debited in real-time from the customer’s bank account.
  4. Immediate payment confirmation: Merchants receive instant confirmation, enabling prompt order processing.

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