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UPI streamlines digital payments in India
Unified Payments Interface (UPI) API , India's premier payment solution, UPI, launched by the NPCI in 2016, enables seamless digital payments. Users can link multiple bank accounts to a single app for P2P and P2M transactions using unique Virtual Payment Addresses (VPAs). Countries India (IN)

Currencies Indian Rupee (INR)

Min amount 10.00 INR
Refund Yes

Chargeback No

Principle of operation

  1. Payment selection: Customers select UPI as the payment method and enter their VPA.
  2. Approval process: The transaction is approved via the customer’s UPI app.
  3. Successful payments: Solidgate returns a token for future recurring payments upon successful transaction.

❗Recurring payments up to ₹15,000 can be processed without customer intervention. For amounts above ₹15,000, additional factor authentication (AFA) is required for each subsequent debit.

Current recurring flow:

  1. Users receive a pre-debit notification 24 hours prior to the scheduled charge.
    • If the user opts to decline the subsequent charge, a decline response will be returned.
    • In cases where the user does not decline the charge, a success response will be issued.

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