Fraud notification
Fraud notification
Tackle card fraud and decipher TC40 (Visa) and SAFE (Mastercard) protocols


Solidgate uses TC40 (Visa) and SAFE (Mastercard) data to monitor credit card fraud. These reports contain cardholder fraud claims and transaction details. Receiving a TC40 or SAFE report signifies a fraudulent charge claim, requiring prompt review. However, not all TC40 reports lead to chargebacks, as some may be refunded by the merchant.

Tracking fraud rates

Depending on your preference, you can either use Solidgate API or Solidgate HUB


The Solidgate API provides Card fraud alerts API report. The card fraud alerts report contains essential details like order ID, fraud amount, and Guide
Gain a better understanding of the nature of your chargebacks and effectively manage them.
reason codes
. Pagination is achieved using next_page_iterator , with a null value indicating full data retrieval.

Alternatively, you can set up Fraud alert Webhook to receive notifications. Webhooks send data to a URL when specified events occur. In Solidgate, set up the fraud alert webhook for secure, real-time fraud notifications. Prevent duplicate processing by logging event IDs for idempotent event handling.


The Solidgate HUB offers advanced integration with real-time notifications. Access fraud notifications under the Payments tab, available to specific roles. Customize displayed parameters, search filters, and export notifications by entering a file name and extension. Download the file through Hub exports or the Reconciliation section.

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