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Solidgate is a payment processing platform for individuals and businesses, supporting credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and alternative payment methods


Solidgate is a Glossary
A service that authorizes and processes payments in online and offline transactions, serving as a mediator between a business's website and a bank.
payment gateway
enabling merchants to accept online payments through various methods. Here you can find everything you need to know about integrating and utilizing the Solidgate API and how the Solidgate SDK simplifies the integration process.

Accept online payments with Solidgate

The integration flow for Solidgate typically involves the following steps: intr_hm_1.1

  1. Register for an account and provide us with the required information
    You can either receive an invitation from your Account Manager or create an account yourself. To sign up, follow the link and provide basic business information such as name, email, and company details.
  2. Obtain API credentials
    Access your account in our HUB to view API credentials and data. During the initial setup, merchants are provided with a set of Guide
    Simulate payments to test your integration before launching in production.
    test cards
    for testing purposes.
  3. Check the documentation and select the best integration option
    Review Solidgate's API documentation before integrating it into your website or application. It contains information on API endpoints, and specific requirements or limitations. The Guide
    Seamlessly integrate Solidgate into your product using various integration options.
    integration section
    describes detailed integration options.
  4. Implement and test your integration
    After becoming familiar with the API, test it using the provided credentials. Use tools like Postman or cURL to make test requests and review responses to ensure proper function. Once tested, integrate it into your website or application by writing code to send requests and handle responses. If using the hosted Guide
    Easily create a safe and simple payment page.
    payment pages
    option, redirect customers to Solidgate's secure page for payment processing.
  5. Go live with Solidgate
    Choose one of Solidgate's additional services, such as Guide
    Safeguard your business with prevention alerts and robust monitoring strategies.
    chargeback management
    , Guide
    Create and maintain a stable and healthy business subscription model.
    , or Guide
    Access detailed analytics for strategic growth and financial management.
    tools, to enhance your business performance and safeguard your operations.


Knowledge of fundamental aspects of the online payments industry will help you better understand the specifics of payment processing for your business model.

Integration options

There are several options for integrating online payments into your website or platform, depending on your needs and technical capabilities.



Solidgate has additional services, including Glossary
Services aimed at identifying and stopping fraudulent activities that could result in unauthorized transactions.
fraud detection and prevention
, Glossary
Strategies and services to handle cases where customers dispute charges, helping to minimize financial losses.
chargeback management
, recurring payments, subscriptions, reporting, and analytics.



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