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Boleto Bancário enhances online shopping in Brazil by offering a flexible voucher payment method
Boleto API (Boleto Bancário) is a widely recognized cash payment method in Brazil, regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil. This method caters to the 35% of Brazilians without bank accounts by providing a flexible voucher system for online shopping, which can be paid via ATMs, banks, convenience stores, or supermarkets. Countries Brazil (BR)

Currencies Brazilian Real (BRL)

Min amount 1 BRL

Max amount 250,000.00 BRL
Recurring No

Refund Yes

Chargeback No

Principle of operation

  1. Voucher generation: The customer opts to pay with Boleto and a payment voucher is automatically generated.
  2. Receiving the voucher: The customer receives the Boleto voucher, which can be used in various payment locations.
  3. Payment options: The customer can choose to pay the voucher at ATMs, banks, convenience stores, or supermarkets.
  4. Merchant notification: Once the payment is made, the merchant is promptly notified.
  5. Expiration notice: Note that Boleto vouchers have an expiration period. Late payments may incur additional fees or may not be processed.