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Safeguard your business with prevention alerts and robust monitoring strategies


Solidgate’s tools are essential for enabling effective Glossary
A dispute process initiated by a cardholder, resulting in the reversal of a transaction and funds returned.
management, Glossary
Payment fraud involves unauthorized transactions using stolen payment or identity information, causing financial losses.
prevention, and providing in-depth insights for dispute resolution, thereby maintaining operational efficiency.

Solidgate's chargeback process allows merchants to effectively manage and respond to disputes through their HUB or API, providing a platform with a structured approach to handling disputes, from initiation to resolution, including detailed documentation requirements and the provision of compelling evidence.
Solidgate's, featuring tools like Verifi Order Insight and Consumer Clarity, proactively prevents chargebacks by providing real-time transaction details and Compelling Evidence 3.0. Solidgate's integrated solutions, accessible via HUB and API, streamline dispute resolution, lower operational demands, and enhance visibility into disputes.
Solidgate's fraud notification system uses Glossary
The report documents transactions flagged by card networks as potential fraud yet may result from legitimate purchase disputes.
(Visa) and Glossary
A system that helps merchants track cardholder fraud and related data. While not stopping fraud directly, it provides valuable insights for merchants to understand fraud patterns and allegations.
(Mastercard) reports, providing merchants with detailed insights for prompt fraud detection and management, and the option to issue preemptive refunds. Solidgate offers flexible access to these fraud alerts, either through API or HUB.
Mastercom Collaboration enhances early dispute resolution between merchants, issuers, and acquirers on the Mastercard network, aiming to reduce chargebacks and improve customer satisfaction through preemptive communication and resolution efforts.
Visa and Mastercard's monitoring programs, like Visa's VDMP and VFMP and Mastercard's ACMP with ECM and HECM tiers, track and penalize merchants for excessive chargebacks and fraud, enforcing fair business practices. Compliance is crucial to avoid penalties and maintain card payment processing capabilities.
PayPal merchants must manage disputes and chargebacks, focusing on key metrics like Dispute rate, Claim rate, and Spoof rate, and addressing both internal and external chargebacks through the PayPal Resolution Center. Building effective strategies help minimize disputes, maintain customer relationships, and protect a PayPal account long-term.
Chargeback reason codes are vital for merchants to comprehend the causes of bank-issued chargebacks, guiding improvements in business practices and aiding in effective dispute management to maintain payment system trust. Each Glossary
A financial network that connects card issuers and merchant acquirers to authorize, clear, and settle card-based electronic funds transfer transactions.
card network
has specific Glossary
A code indicating the reason for a chargeback, aiding in understanding disputes and resolving them.
reason codes
and a defined time window for initiating chargebacks after a transaction.

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