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Use payment link to sell online without an integration


A Payment Link is a URL that takes customers directly to a unique payment page to complete a payment. You can quickly and easily create a Payment Link URL and embed it or share it via email.

Payment Link supports the latest three major versions of popular browsers, including Chrome, Chrome Mobile, Firefox, and Safari, etc.

Solidgate Payment Links are code-free and reusable, allowing you to share them as many times as needed.

  • Handling submissions: The system handles payment submissions via the Payment Link securely and efficiently, ensuring the data is processed accurately and promptly.
  • Retry mechanism: The retry mechanism for declined payments is integrated into the payment process, allowing customers to immediately try the payment again, offering convenience and reducing the potential for abandoned transactions.

Generate payment link

Payment Link API allows you to create a reusable Payment Page URL with no code required.

As the payment link URL is reusable, you only need to share or embed it to a button so any customer can pay and retry in case of decline.

After generation, you receive your payment link URL (field url in response) to share with customers.

Share payment link

Upon receiving a payment link URL, share it with your customers to accept payments. You can share a single link multiple times.

It is possible to share your payment link URL in multiple ways:

  • Embed it into a button on your website.
  • Catch up with your customers if they abandoned baskets before completing a purchase.
  • Send via email and more.

After a customer makes a payment via the payment link, you can find it in the Order list.

If a customer receives a decline, the Payment Link functionality automatically allows a customer to try payment again.

Subscription payments

Subscription payments are for recurring payments, such as monthly or annual fees, whereas one-time payments are for single, non-recurring transactions. Along with one-time payments, Payment Links functionality supports subscription payments.

To share a subscription payment link, ensure the following preconditions:

  1. Initiate Payment Link: Create a Payment Link using subscription request, including product_price_id.
  2. Confirm product price: Ensure the accuracy of your product’s price, as it cannot be altered after the first subscription is created.
As Payment Links functionality stores your product price for the fastest page load, displaying updated price may take 15 minutes.

Customize payment link

For a comprehensive customization of the Payment Link in detail, the range of parameters to be adjusted, including visual components and transaction details, should mirror those available on the Guide
Comprehensive guide for personalizing your payment page.
payment page
itself, as specified in the predefined request templates in the Payment Link API .

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