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Access detailed analytics for strategic growth and financial management


Solidgate’s reporting tools empower with:

  • daily cash flow tracking
  • quick identification of fund flow gaps
  • detailed views of transaction lifecycles
  • robust financial controls for business protection
  • scalable processes for growing financial operations
The card orders API report provides essential information for merchants, encompassing transaction details, customer information, and technical insights. This facilitates a thorough order tracking process, aids in financial Glossary
The process of comparing and adjusting financial records to ensure accuracy.
, and empowers merchants to refine operational and marketing strategies.
The APM orders API report is essential for merchants using Glossary
Non-traditional payment methods beyond credit cards, such as digital wallets or bank transfers.
alternative payment methods
, offering comprehensive transaction details including order IDs, statuses, amounts, customer information, and anti-fraud data, crucial for a complete understanding of APM transaction dynamics.
The subscriptions API report offers a comprehensive overview for merchants, detailing customer Glossary
A payment arrangement where a customer authorizes the automatic and periodic withdrawal of funds from their account to fulfill ongoing financial obligations.
, payment methods, crucial customer data, and associated Glossary
Invoice is a document detailing the products or services provided, along with associated costs, for payment.
, which are crucial for managing recurring revenues, customer retention, and informed decision-making in subscription-based businesses.
The financial entries API report provides a comprehensive overview of financial transactions. It includes such details as financial record IDs, order and transaction IDs, dates, amounts, currencies, payment methods, and geographical data. This information is essential for efficient financial analysis and management.
The chargebacks API report is essential for merchants, providing exhaustive insights into each Glossary
A dispute process initiated by a cardholder, resulting in the reversal of a transaction and funds returned.
, including identifiers, dates, types, amounts, reasons, and related original order details, which is crucial for understanding chargeback patterns, enhancing dispute resolution, and Glossary
It involves unauthorized transactions using stolen payment or identity information, causing financial losses.
The card fraud alerts API report is vital for merchants, providing detailed fraud-related information such as order IDs, amounts, and timings, along with specific fraud types and reason codes, crucial for swiftly identifying, analyzing, and formulating effective strategies to enhance transaction security.
The PayPal disputes API report is an invaluable resource that provides comprehensive visibility into disputes raised through the PayPal platform. This detailed report offers granular insights into each dispute, including dispute IDs, order details, and lifecycle stages, essential for effective dispute management and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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