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Payment page
Create a secure and seamless payment page


A Payment Page is a simple interface that you can share via a URL or embed in your websites.

It allows easy payment processing integration so customers can securely enter their payment details and be redirected to the merchant’s website after the transaction.

Include the necessary parameters for customizing in the Payment Page API request.

You can create a secure, simple payment page that can be shared via URL or embedded in a website. This offers a low-code, secure solution that complies with industry standards.

The Payment Page offers secure one-time and subscription payment options to accommodate single and recurring purchases.

Use customization options to align your Payment Page with your brand aesthetic, offering a consistent user experience that builds customer trust and loyalty.

Offer multiple, local payment methods on the Payment Page to meet the needs of a wider audience, thereby increasing accessibility and potentially increasing conversion rates.

The advanced features of the Payment Page with a Payment Link offer a simplified solution for online sales, allowing you to create a unique URL that customers can use to complete transactions.

The reusable payment link includes a retry mechanism for declined payments, which increases customer convenience and reduces the likelihood of cancelled transactions.

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