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Countries specifics
Improve your approval ratio across countries by collecting and providing additional data

When utilizing the H2H API in Solidgate, it is crucial to gather and transmit supplementary customer information to ensure successful Guide
Accept and manage credit card payments from your customers. Cards are the most popular payment method globally, offering convenience and widespread acceptance.
or Guide
Connect alternative payment methods to boost your checkout conversion. Solidgate offers diverse payment methods, aiding merchants in understanding and catering to local preferences globally.
alternative payment method
acceptance in specific regions. This data must be included within the payment request via the payment_type_data field.

It’s important to focus on the Card BIN and retrieve a set of necessary supplementary fields based on the BIN country (the first 6 digits). Additionally, depending on the provider, the customer’s phone number parameter is frequently utilized to authenticate the individual initiating the payment, such as india_pan in the case of India.

Easily create a safe and simple payment page.
Payment Page
or Guide
Understand how to integrate the payment form into your product.
Payment Form
would gather any additional information on your behalf.

Below, find the fields required for specific countries and alternative payment methods.


This overview assists merchants in seamlessly Guide
Unified Payments Interface (UPI), India's premier payment solution, boasts high transaction success rates.
integrating payment solutions
for the Indian market, addressing crucial aspects like status delays, transaction limits, decline reasons, and specific payment flows.

Merchants must ensure compliance with India’s specific requirements to avoid integration errors and optimize transaction success rates.

Payment flows and limitations

Processing for non-India-issued cards by Indian providers is currently unavailable. Only two-stage payments (auth + settle) are supported.

It’s important to note that partial settlements and void transactions are not supported in this process.

Authorization for transactions in this system has a duration of 5 days, after which an automatic refund is initiated by the provider.

Cards that don’t support recurring charges will be declined initially, and MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) transactions are unavailable.

It is mandatory to settle the payment to proceed with subsequent payments. If the payment is not settled, the token will not be accepted for further payments.
One-step payments (charge) are utilized.
Mandatory for all transactions.

The number should be 8 to 15 digits long, including the country code, and contain only digits and the '+' symbol.

For example: +912221234567

Recurring payments:

  • up to ₹15,000 can be processed without customer intervention and without Guide
    This process is designed to enable secure and reliable payment processing through the use of 3D Secure (3DS) with challenge authentication flow.
    3D Secure
  • above ₹15,000 are not currently available.

All first payments with India-issued cards will go through 3D Secure authentication.

In the recurring payment flow, users receive a pre-debit notification 24 hours before the charge. If the user opts to decline, a decline response is issued. If there's no decline, a success response is given and transactions stay in processing status up to 26 hours.