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Seamlessly integrate Solidgate into your product using various integration options


Each option has its own advantages and considerations, allowing businesses to choose the one that best suits their specific needs and priorities.

To access Guide
Learn to authenticate API requests and fix validation errors effectively.
Solidgate’s API
, it is essential to understand the process of validating and authenticating API requests.

Obtain credentials like public and secret keys from the Solidgate HUB, and follow guidelines for signature creation and webhook validation to enable secure transactions and manage errors effectively.
Subscribe for events on your Solidgate account so your integration can automatically trigger actions.
Solidgate’s webhooks
offer timely notifications for key events, allowing to automate system responses efficiently.

These webhooks send HTTP POST requests to a merchant-specified endpoint, enabling prompt processing and action based on the merchant’s set business logic.

Payment Page

This enables effortless creation of secure, customizable payment pages, suitable for both subscription and one-time payments.

Payment Link

Quickest and easiest integration, requiring no coding expertise. Utilizes a simple URL generation process.

Payment Form

Comprehensive integration guide, covering backend setup to form initialization. Available with or without SDK.

Fully PCI-compliant, the Guide
Easily create a safe and simple payment page.
Payment Page
, Guide
Use Payment Links to sell online without an integration.
Payment Link
, and Guide
Understand how to integrate the payment form into your product.
Payment Form
significantly reduce the need for merchants to acquire individual Glossary
Adherence to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements to secure cardholder information.

A demo page is available for previewing the main features and customization options of the Payment Page, offering an interactive way to assess its adaptable design.

The Payment Form offers extensive customization, control, and integration possibilities but requires more development effort and security responsibility. The Payment Page, on the other hand, provides simplicity and quick setup, albeit with some trade-offs in customization options and user experience due to the redirect flow. Businesses should carefully evaluate their specific needs and priorities to determine the best fit for their payment acceptance strategy.

When considering Payment Form versus Payment Page, Solidgate’s Payment Link is also worth consideration as it offers a rapid, code-free checkout option with reusable URLs that enhance customer convenience and potentially increase conversion rates.

Payment Links can be easily generated, shared multiple times, and integrated into various customer communication channels, streamlining the payment process.

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