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Payment form
Create a custom payment form for a personalized experience


The Payment Form integration provides flexibility in payment methods and language support, providing all users with a secure and efficient transaction environment.

By customizing the Payment Form with different templates and styles, you can create a user-friendly interface that matches your brand, increases customer satisfaction, and boosts conversion rates.

Additionally, enabling Payment Form events lets you track user interactions in detail, providing valuable insights that improve service delivery and customer experience.

Learn how to properly integrate the Solidgate Payment Form into your website with or without our SDK; this guide covers everything from installing the SDK to configuring payment form settings for an optimal user experience.

Using the Payment Form supports different payment flows and languages for a flexible and secure transaction environment.

Customize your Payment Form with various templates and styles to create a seamless, user-friendly interface that matches your brand and increases customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Leverage flexibility by adapting Payment Form elements, styles, and layouts to meet specific transaction requirements and regional preferences, thereby increasing the personalization of the payment process.

Implementing a Resign Form can simplify the checkout process for loyal customers. Card data will be securely stored for one-click payments, which increases convenience and reduces transaction time.

Resign Form improves the shopping experience by reducing data entry and speeding up transactions. Its use increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, and its efficient design minimizes friction during payment.

Integrating Apple Pay and Google Pay into your Payment Form extends payment options to customers using Apple and Android devices, providing a secure and simplified checkout process.

Both systems require specific steps, such as domain verification, merchant IDs, compliance, and security. Still, by customizing the buttons’ look and feel, you can align these payment options with your site’s aesthetic.

Using Payment Form events, you can track user interactions during the payment process. This helps you analyze and monitor real-time actions such as submission, success, and failure.

This provides valuable insights into customer behaviour, helps troubleshoot during Payment Form initialization, and ultimately improves the payment experience.

Payment Form provides robust features for managing user interactions through validation, supports multiple languages, and ensures compatibility with secure browsers.

In addition, the Payment Form supports dynamic field addition based on the card’s BIN code, serving a global audience and providing an optimal user experience.

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