Operations reports
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Operations reports
Retrieve various reports related to payment activity: sales, chargebacks, subscription, and other

Reports API helps you keep on top of your data and streamline your reporting. In the list below, you can find a list of available reports:

  • Card orders API
    This report uses the updated_at parameter for unloading data, which reflects the latest update to card orders.
  • Chargebacks API
    Chargeback information is unloaded using the created_at parameter, which reflects the date when the latest chargeback flow was created.
  • Card fraud alerts API
    The created_at parameter is used to unload fraud alert data. It specifies the exact time when a fraud alert was created.
  • APM Orders API
    Similar to the Card orders API, this report unloads data based on the updated_at parameter, indicating the latest update to the APM orders.
  • PayPal disputes API
    This report uses the created_at parameter for unloading data. It is understood that this report refers to PayPal disputes specifically.
  • Subscriptions API
    The updated_at parameter is used when unloading subscription data, indicating the most recent update to a subscription.
  • Financial entries API
    The report unloads data based on the operation created_at + 2 days parameter, as per the date the operation was executed.

The Reports API includes pagination functionality for handling cases where the requested number of entities is limited (2k) within a specific time interval. If the number of entities exceeds this limit, the API returns a unique hash called next_page_iterator in the response, which can be used to retrieve additional data.

If the next_page_iterator is null, all available data has already been returned, and no further requests are necessary. However, if the field is not empty, the merchant must include the next_page_iterator as a parameter in a new request to fetch the next page of data.

In addition to the Reports API, Solidgate HUB provides a user-friendly interface for generating and downloading various types of reports, such as Payments, Disputes, Subscriptions, etc.

This offers an alternative way to access data and may be more convenient for those who prefer a visual dashboard over API calls.

Reports generated in HUB are stored for 24 hours for easy access.

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