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Prevent chargebacks and improve customer experience with real-time tools

The prevent and resolve solutions integrate seamlessly with Solidgate, acting as effective communicators between issuing banks and merchants.

This enhances the chances of successfully blocking or deflecting fraudulent disputes and reducing costs.

Rarely, a chargeback may be received after an alert due to delays in issuing and acquiring banks, or if the issuing bank proceeds with a chargeback without waiting for a refund confirmation or due to technical issues.

In these instances, Solidgate actively challenges and disputes these alerts, ensuring that merchants are not charged for these alerts on their invoice. This proactive approach is taken to safeguard merchants against unforeseen chargeback fees.
The prevent alert Webhook provides real-time chargeback alerts, enabling merchants to proactively address issues and automate remediation.
To guard against duplicated events, it’s crucial to make event processing idempotent and log event IDs. The webhook includes header parameters such as merchant ID and signature, and its response schema contains chargeback alert and order information.
The Solidgate HUB allows to monitor and manage alerts associated with their account.

Accessing the alerts section:

  • To access the Alert section in Solidgate Hub, your role must be designated as an ‘Alert manager’ or ‘Merchant-admin’.
  • Open the sidebar Alert by clicking the arrow in the lower-left corner.
  • Click on the Alerts tab in the sidebar.
  • Select Alerts list from the drop-down menu to view all alerts linked to the account.

Managing the alerts page:

  • Manage displayed parameters by selecting Columns. Choose columns that cater to your specific needs.
  • Utilize the Show filters option to explore all available search filters for pinpointing specific alerts.
  • To view the details of an alert, simply click on the green arrow.

Alert details:

  • The details page showcases comprehensive information connected to each alert, including Alert ID, Type, Action, Card Number, ARN, descriptor, etc.
  • The ARN number helps identify the card brand: a second digit of ‘4’ indicates VISA, while ‘5’ signifies MasterCard.

Exporting alerts:

  • To export alerts, click on Export in the upper left corner.
  • Enter a file name, choose a file extension, and click Submit.
  • A notification will direct you to Hub Exports, where you can download the created file.
  • Alternatively, access the file via the Reconciliation section under the Export tab and click the download button to obtain the file.

Alerts type

Type Definition
inquiry Solidgate sends you inquiry requests initiated by the issuing bank, and we return additional merchant data to the issuer when we match your available transaction data.
init-refund Solidgate informs the merchant and processes refunds to avert chargebacks.

These transactions include a specific refund reason code.
resolved Solidgate alerts merchants when a dispute is resolved. The transaction amount is automatically credited to the cardholder, thus preventing a chargeback.

It’s important to note that the transaction status remains success because the refund occurs at the chargeback flow level.
prevented Solidgate sends notifications to merchants indicating successful prevention of a dispute, which originates from the initial inquiry

Pre-dispute benefits

Pre-dispute advantages are a key aspect of Solidgate’s chargeback prevention services. These services enable merchants to address disputes at the pre-dispute stage, thereby not affecting their credit and debit portfolio dispute ratios.

  • Lowered dispute ratios
    By resolving pre-disputes with credit through Solidgate, merchants can lower their dispute ratios. This is particularly beneficial for merchants with high dispute ratios, as it does not impact Visa’s dispute ratio.
  • Reduced operational requirements
    Optimizing dispute resolution processes, especially for disputes with low recovery rates, leads to fewer operational demands. This streamlining effect significantly reduces the workload and resources required to manage disputes.
  • Eliminate over-refunding
    Pre-disputes resolved through the Solidgate are not eligible for future disputes, eliminating the possibility of over-refunding.
  • Increased dispute visibility
    Solidgate provides access to adaptable reports tailored to meet seller reconciliation needs. This feature enhances visibility into disputes, allowing merchants to better understand and manage their dispute landscape.

By resolving disputes before they progress to the chargeback stage, merchants not only avoid revenue loss from chargebacks but also maintain a favorable standing with credit and debit card issuers.