Prevent chargebacks and improve customer experience with real-time tools

Solidgate provides merchants with a service that stops chargebacks before they become a formal dispute.

Prevent includes Verifi Note
A real-time tool for merchants to prevent Visa chargebacks by sharing detailed transaction information with card issuers.
Order Insight
, Note
Consumer Clarity is a system that allows the merchant to provide details of the transaction to the issuing bank to prevent unlawful chargebacks.
Consumer Clarity
, and Note
New Visa rules redefine compelling evidence for disputes, altering data elements and liability criteria.
Compelling Evidence 3.0

Our service enables issuing banks to access real-time transaction details, aiding in cardholder recognition and reducing friendly fraud, while also offering enhanced transaction information on online banking statements for purchase verification. Compelling Evidence 3.0 enhances these features by offering supporting evidence for disputed transactions in the Solidgate system, thereby increasing the chances of achieving a favorable outcome and preventing disputes from escalating.

Resolve category encompasses services such as Note
RDR is a program from Visa that allows merchants to automatically process returns to resolve certain disputes.
, Note
The CDRN is Verifi’s proprietary solution, this platform is one of several alert networks that intercept chargebacks on your behalf.
, and Note
Ethoca helps resolve disputes and prevent fraud by facilitating communication between merchants and issuers through real-time alerts and information sharing.

Our service offers refunds to users to minimize chargebacks, fees, and fines, preventing disputes and ensuring compliance.

Both solutions offer seamless integration with Solidgate, serving as an effective communicator between issuing banks and merchants, enhancing the likelihood of successfully blocking or deflecting fraudulent disputes and reducing costs.

The Prevent alert Webhook provides real-time chargeback alerts, enabling merchants to proactively address issues and automate remediation. It’s crucial to guard against duplicated events by making event processing idempotent and logging event IDs. The webhook includes header parameters such as merchant ID, signature, and unique event identifier, while response schema contains chargeback alert and order information.

The Alerts in Solidgate HUB enables to monitor and manage alerts associated with their account. Access the Alerts section via the sidebar and select desired columns and search filters. To view alert details, click the green arrow. Export alerts by providing a file name and extension, then download the exported file from Hub Exports or the Reconciliation section under the Export tab.

Alerts type

Type Definition
inquiry Solidgate sends you inquiry requests initiated by the issuing bank, and we return additional merchant data to the issuer when we match your available transaction data.
init-refund Solidgate notifies the merchant and subsequently processes the refund. The corresponding transaction, refunded to prevent a chargeback, will contain the applicable refund reason code.
resolved Solidgate notifies regarding the resolved dispute. The transaction is automatically credited to the cardholder, and chargeback is prevented.

It’s important to note that the transaction status remains success because the refund occurs at the chargeback flow level.
prevented Solidgate issues a notification indicating the successful dispute prevention, originating from the inquiry

Pre-dispute benefits

As part of our chargeback prevention services, Solidgate offers sellers the ability to prevent credit and debit portfolio dispute ratios from being impacted by resolving fraud and non-fraud disputes at the pre-dispute stage.

By resolving disputes before they escalate to the chargeback stage, merchants can benefit from lower dispute ratios, reduced operational requirements, elimination of over-refunding, and increased dispute visibility. This not only helps sellers avoid revenue loss due to chargebacks, but also helps maintain their good standing with credit and debit card issuers, ultimately leading to a better payment processing experience.

  • Lowered dispute ratios
    Resolve pre-disputes with credit using the Solidgate to reduce dispute ratios without affecting Visa’s dispute ratio, providing immediate benefits for high dispute ratio sellers.
  • Reduced operational requirements
    Optimize processes and reduce disputes with low recovery rates, resulting in fewer operational requirements.
  • Eliminate over-refunding
    Pre-disputes resolved through the Solidgate are not eligible for future disputes, eliminating the possibility of over-refunding.
  • Increased dispute visibility
    Access adaptable reports that meet your seller reconciliation needs to gain better visibility into your disputes.

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