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In the dynamic world of online business, managing subscriptions efficiently is crucial for ensuring a positive customer experience and maximizing revenue. Solidgate provides merchants with comprehensive tools to orchestrate their subscription-based businesses with precision and control.

This set of tools for subscription management empowers merchants to enhance customer satisfaction, optimize revenue by managing subscription lifecycles, gain insights into customer behavior, follow best practices of Glossary
An electronic payment where a merchant initiates a transaction on behalf of a customer without a direct involvement of the customer during each transaction.
merchant-initiated transactions
, and have flexibility when trying to meet customers’ expectations.

The switch subscription product feature allows merchants to upgrade the customers' product or service by switching to another product to align with evolving needs and provide enhanced offerings to customers.
The set of the retrieve subscription data methods enable merchants to gain insights into subscription information for having access to the subscription product or customer details and tracking the subscription status.
The update subscription token feature allows merchants to maintain seamless payment processing and prevent subscription interruptions. The prompt update of Glossary
A unique identifier for enhanced security that replaces the cardholder’s sensitive data.
payment tokens
ensures a convenient change of payment details and a smooth subscription experience.
The pause subscription option allows merchants to manage subscription lifecycles effectively by pausing, resuming, and handling customer expectations with finesse when meeting customers’s requests to keep subscriptions paused for a defined period.
The cancel subscription option allows merchants to skillfully address subscription cancellations, opting for either soft or hard cancellation choices to provide flexibility and improve the overall customer experience.
The restore subscription option allows merchants to easily restore canceled subscriptions and ensure customers can seamlessly return to the services they value.

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