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Analyze cancellations, offer soft and hard cancellation options, and restore subscriptions

Delve into subscription cancellations, ranging from soft to hard cancellation options. Analyze cancellation codes to discern trends and reasons, offering insights to mitigate cancellations.

By analyzing the Guide
A subscription cancellation code is used to describe the reason the subscription was cancelled.
cancel codes
, merchants can identify patterns and trends in cancellations, understand the reasons behind them, and take steps to reduce the number of cancellations.

  • If a large number of cancellations are due to Guide
    Solidgate sets a limit on discounts, and if a discount applied to a payment goes beyond this limit, the final amount might become invalid.
    invalid amounts
    , the merchant may need to adjust their discount thresholds or pricing.
  • If cancellations are due to issues with the Guide
    This cancel code is used when the customer attempts to use a card brand that is not supported or whether his payment instrument does not support recurring payments.
    payment processor
    or Guide
    This cancel code is used when a fraudulent alert is received for one of the customer’s invoices.
    fraud prevention
    systems, the merchant may need to improve their security measures or work with the payment processor to address the issues.

Cancellation options

Solidgate subscriptions include soft and hard cancellation options that offer flexibility in managing subscriptions for both merchants and customers. The soft cancel postpones the subscription cancellation until the end of the billing period, while the hard cancel, on the contrary, cancels the subscription immediately.

  • Soft cancel
    This cancellation option allows the subscriber to continue using the services until the end of the paid period while maintaining the subscription in an active status. After the current paid period is completed, the subscription status automatically changes to cancelled .
  • Hard cancel
    This cancellation option involves an immediate change of the subscription status to the cancelled one. If the cancellation occurred by mistake, the subscription can be Guide
    Subscription restoration resumes a cancelled subscription with the billing period adjusted based on the defined expiration date.

Hard cancellation is suitable for cases when the merchant and customer have agreed to terminate the subscription and do not expect it to be reactivated in the future. This type of cancellation occurs when the force parameter has a true value in the Cancel subscription by subscribing ID and Cancel subscriptions by customer ID methods. This ensures the immediate cancellation of the subscription, regardless of the billing period.

Disable subscription

To cancel the subscription

  1. Go to Subscriptions.
  2. Find the subscriptions by using the customer's email address.
  3. Click on one of the following based on the needed option:
    • Cancel to schedule the cancellation at the end of the billing period (soft cancel)
    • Cancel now to cancel the subscription immediately (hard cancel)

By subscription ID

The cancel subscription method allows merchants to cancel a specific customer’s subscription by providing the subscription_id and specifying whether to cancel the subscription immediately or at the end of the billing period. Additionally, a cancel code can be provided to indicate the reason for cancellation.

By customer ID

The cancel subscriptions by customer ID allows merchants to cancel all subscriptions for a specific customer. This method requires the customer_account_id and it allows merchants to specify whether to cancel the subscription immediately or at the end of the billing period and a cancel code to indicate the reason for cancellation.

You can check the status of a subscription or obtain particular information related to it by retrieving the subscription data.