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Preventions alerts
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Solidgate offers a service designed to stop chargebacks before they escalate into formal disputes. The service plays a vital role in preserving the integrity of merchant transactions by providing timely and actionable information to address potential disputes at their occurrence.

Solidgate’s solution embodies a forward-thinking strategy, empowering merchants to take preventive measures against potential disputes. By leveraging real-time information and offering a proactive approach, Solidgate’s solution contributes to a more secure and resilient payment ecosystem for merchants and their customers.

Prevent includes Verifi Glossary
A real-time tool for merchants to prevent Visa chargebacks by sharing detailed transaction information with card issuers.
Order Insight
, Glossary
Consumer Clarity is a system that allows the merchant to provide details of the transaction to the issuing bank to prevent unlawful chargebacks.
Consumer Clarity
, and Glossary
New Visa rules redefine compelling evidence for disputes, altering data elements and liability criteria.
Compelling Evidence 3.0
. The service provides issuing banks with instant transaction insights to reduce friendly fraud and enhances statement details for purchase verification. Additionally, Compelling Evidence 3.0 in Solidgate offers evidence for disputed transactions to improve resolution outcomes and prevent escalations.
Resolve category encompasses services such as Glossary
RDR is a program from Visa that allows merchants to automatically process returns to resolve certain disputes.
, Glossary
The CDRN is Verifi’s proprietary solution, this platform is one of several alert networks that intercept chargebacks on your behalf.
, Glossary
Ethoca helps resolve disputes and prevent fraud by facilitating communication between merchants and issuers through real-time alerts and information sharing.
and Glossary
Mastercom Collaboration integrates with the Mastercom system to provide merchants with near real-time insights and analytics on dispute activities, empowering them to make informed decisions to mitigate chargeback and fraud risks through strategies like just-in-time shipping.
Mastercom Collaboration
. Resolve focuses on rapidly resolving disputes with instant refunds to customers. This service offers refunds to users to minimize chargebacks, fees, and fines, aiming to prevent disputes and ensure compliance.

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