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Supported currencies
Understand which currencies you can use for making payments

Solidgate processing in over 100 currencies, adhering to international standards as established by ISO 4217 WIKI , this adherence ensures uniformity and global acceptance of currency codes and minor unit calculations.

This functionality allows your customers to pay in their local currency. This amount is then converted and credited to your account in your chosen currency.

It is important to note that the amount and currency are mandatory fields to initiate a first or a one-time payment.

Please be aware that the amount parameter can only be a positive integer, ensuring accuracy and compliance with transaction standards.

Solidgate processes amounts in the smallest unit of the currency. For instance:

  • to charge 10 USD, you should enter an amount of 1000, which equates to 1000 cents.
  • for ¥200, enter an amount of 200.
    It’s important to note that for zero-decimal currencies, amounts should be provided as integers without multiplying by 100.
D (Minor unit) [2] - this currency does not support decimals. If you pass a decimal amount, an error occurs.