Alternative payments
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Alternative payments
Connect alternative payment methods to boost your checkout conversion


Init payment API
Operation for initiating a payment using an alternative payment method performs order creation and prepares the transaction for payment, allowing the customer to proceed with the payment process.
Recurring API
For alternative payment methods, a token-based recurring payment refers to an automatic charge applied to a customer's payment method at predetermined intervals.

This process involves securely storing a token representing the customer’s payment details and using it for subsequent transactions without requiring input each time.
Refund API
Initiate a funds reversal by submitting a refund request for successfully processed orders.

It’s important to note that, for instance, refunds might not be accessible or could be restricted when using alternative cash-based payment methods.
Check status API
Request for receiving current order status. The key benefit is that it enables merchants to efficiently monitor and manage their payments by providing comprehensive information about the order's status, payment method, transaction details, and customer information.
Order status Webhook
Payments through Solidgate's APMs occur asynchronously, necessitating webhook subscriptions to obtain real-time updates on the current status of transactions.

Webhooks ensure that merchants receive prompt notifications as transactions progress, allowing them to monitor and effectively manage the diverse payment options offered by APMs.

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