Pause subscription
Pause subscription
Discover how to pause, resume, and manage subscriptions, including handling renewals

In some cases, your customers may want to temporarily pause their subscription for the following reasons:

  • They may be unable to use your product for a certain period of time.
  • They may be temporarily absent from their location.

You have the option to pause the subscription via the API, and such paused subscriptions will be identified by a distinct status - paused.

Subscriptions can be put on hold for a defined period, but it is important to note that a resume date and time must be specified. It is not possible to pause the subscription indefinitely.

The API provides functionalities to create, update, delete, and manage the paused status for user subscriptions. This allows you to set a pause period from a specific point to a designated date and make changes or cancel the pause if needed.

Managing subscription pause

The pause subscription feature provides businesses with the ability to temporarily halt an active subscription, enabling customers to suspend their subscription for a defined period. This functionality allows for a seamless transition between the active status and pause status, giving customers the option to reactivate their subscription or proceed with a permanent cancellation. The subscription details include essential fields such as start_point:date and stop_point:date, which accurately track the duration of the pause period.

You can create a subscription pause by following these steps:

  • Go to the subscription tab list section
  • Filter subscriptions by active status
  • Selecting the Pause period
  • Click Create pause with confirm your intention


You can modify the pause interval in the following cases, if the pause:

  • has not been activated yet, you can edit both the start and end dates of the pause sbc-ps-1-1.png

  • has already been activated, you can only edit the end date of the pause sbc-ps-1-2.png

After setting the desired period, click Update pause

Use the subscription pause API request to pause the subscription, and modify the pause interval with the change subscription pause API request.

If the pause has already started, only the stop_point:date can be modified. Otherwise, both the start_point:date and stop_point:date are available for changes.

During the subscription pause, no renewals or charges will occur, and Guide
Effortlessly receive automatic notifications by subscribing to updates.
about status changes are sent with the pause type.

Subscription renewals and next charges

  • Subscription renewal will not go when it is paused.
  • The date of the next charge will be equal to expired_at field in subscription status Webhook + days of (pause:from_date - pause:to_date)
  • In case of manually resuming, we recalculate the next charge date as expired_at field in subscription status Webhook + days of (now date - pause:from_date)
The next charge date is now calculated with precision down to seconds in addition to days, ensuring a higher level of accuracy in the calculation.

Subscription cancellation

When a subscription is paused, only the option to Guide
This cancellation type allows the subscriber to continue using the services until the end of the paid period while maintaining the subscription in an active status.
hard cancel
is available. The option for a Guide
This cancellation type involves an immediate change of the subscription status to cancel.
soft cancel
is not applicable.

The functionality to pause a subscription will not be accessible if the subscription is in a "soft cancel" status.

Resume a subscription

Only subscriptions in the paused status can be resumed.

  • Go to the subscription tab list section
  • Click Delete pause with confirm your intention


Use the remove subscription pause API request functionality to delete a scheduled pause and revert the subscription to its previous active state.

Constraints and limitations

Respond with error code Guide
Understand why the payment is declined and how you can resolve it.

Pause from/to date:

  • doesn’t exist in the request
  • is lower than now date

Pause period is lower than 1 day.


  • does not exist
  • status does not equal active
  • is planned to:
    • cancelled
    • paused
  • pause:
    • from date is greater than the subscription expired at the date
    • the schedule does not exist (start_point:date is null)