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Easily create a safe and simple payment page

With the Solidgate Payment Page API , you can easily create a payment page, share its URL with your customers, or embed it on your website.

Payment Page supports the latest three major versions of popular browsers, including Chrome, Chrome Mobile, Firefox, and Safari, etc.

The Payment Page is a secure, low-code solution that streamlines payment processing for businesses through API integration. It lets customers securely input their payment details on the Solidgate-hosted Payment Page, ensuring industry-standard security and Guide
Ensure you meet legal and operational website requirements for online businesses.
. Solidgate processes the transaction, and customers are redirected back to the merchant’s platform upon completion.

A demo page is accessible for previewing the Payments Page main features and customization options, offering an interactive method to assess its adaptable design.

To create a payment page using Solidgate API, follow the outlined integration steps, which include constructing the request body API . The request body includes order information, page customization, and optional parameters for personalization. For accurate implementation of all customizations, consider testing the request body in sandbox environments.

You can use our Postman collection to generate a payment page link. You only need to pass the mandatory fields and your channel data. Please note that the payment page link expires in 24 hours.

Usage options

The primary use cases for the payment page include:

  • Subscription payments
  • One-time payments

Subscription payments are for recurring payments, such as monthly or annual fees, whereas one-time payments are for single, non-recurring transactions.

Subscription payments

There are the following typical scenarios for setting up recurring payments with the subscription API , which is necessary for retrieving subscription product data:

In this scenario, the merchant defines the amount and currency per period (e.g., $18.00 per month), and the customer sees a Subscribe button on the payment page.

$18.00 per month

In this scenario, the customer is offered a trial period before the recurring payments start. The merchant sets the amount and currency for the trial period and the amount and currency per period after the trial concludes. The payment page displays a Start Trial button for the customer.

First 5 days free, then $18.00 per 30 days

This scenario allows the merchant to provide a paid trial period before the recurring payments commence. The customer sees a Start Trial button on the payment page, along with information about the trial period and associated charges.

Then $18.00 per 15 days

Trial Price > 0

One-time payments

To ensure a seamless and positive customer experience for this use case:

  • On the merchant side header, display the checkout amount and currency.
  • Display a button with the text Pay followed by the amount and currency.

This flow also includes subscription service products with only one debit set up.

Track your payment

Upon completion of a payment through the Payment Page, Solidgate dispatches a Guide
Subscribe for events on your Solidgate account so your integration can automatically trigger actions.
, which can also serve for fulfillment and reconciliation purposes.

Additionally, find all orders completed via the Payment Page in the Solidgate HUB.