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Subscription insights
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Understanding subscription data and making the most of available tools is vital for businesses striving for a competitive edge. Merchants can access valuable insights, address challenges, foster enduring customer loyalty, and boost recurring revenue streams through the existing tools and resources:

  • Smart retry solution enhances revenue recovery by automatically reattempting failed subscription payments, mitigating involuntary customer churn from payment issues
  • Predefined retry strategies give granular control in optimizing revenue capture by selecting the most suitable one for business needs
  • Asynchronous notifications for all subscription events allow for resolving emerging issues and delivering responsive customer support
  • Granular reason codes provide valuable insights to identify churn drivers and develop data-driven retention strategies
  • Automatic subscription cancellation under certain conditions, such as payment blocks due to antifraud measures, streamlines payment processing efficiency
Solidgate's smart retry solution aids in recovering failed recurring payments by automatically retrying with customized intervals. Merchants can define rules to automatically apply discounts on the final retry attempt for insufficient funds declines.
Subscription notifications keep merchants informed about every subscription event, including initiation, renewal, pause, update, scheduling future pauses, resumption, and cancellation, allowing them to stay up-to-date with the subscription changes.
Cancel codes offer merchants a detailed understanding of why subscriptions are cancelled, including customer choices, failed payment retries, or bank rejection, allowing them to refine their subscription approach for better retention.

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