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Quickly resolve disputes with instant refunds to customers

Solidgate empowers merchants to manage both fraud and non-fraud disputes proactively at the pre-dispute stage, safeguarding credit and debit portfolio dispute ratios.

  • Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN)
    Implement refunds within 72 hours as initiated by participating issuers. This action resolves Visa and Non-Visa pre-dispute cases.
  • Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR)
    Use a dynamic decision engine for real-time automatic resolution of Visa pre-dispute cases with RDR issuers.
  • Issuers network and Mastercard alerts
    Utilize real-time alerts to improve both dispute resolution and fraud prevention.

Solidgate’s comprehensive system offers a multifaceted approach to dispute management. It lowers Visa dispute ratios by enabling pre-dispute resolutions, enhances operational efficiency by improving recovery rates and reducing demands, eliminates over-refunding by disqualifying pre-resolved disputes from future conflicts, and provides advanced tracking and reporting for dispute reconciliation.

This efficient solution empowers merchants to achieve operational excellence, reduce costs, and enhance the effectiveness of their dispute resolution strategies.

Mastercom Collaboration


Mastercom Collaboration offers a proactive approach to managing chargebacks, creating a dialogue between merchants, issuers, and acquirers early in the dispute process.

This initiative aims for quicker, more favourable resolutions, potentially avoiding chargebacks by establishing a new communication channel among all parties involved.

Mastercom Collaboration is a “pre-chargeback” warning system that alerts merchants when a transaction is disputed. This early warning enables merchants to assess whether issuing a refund is a viable solution to the cardholder’s complaint, potentially preventing a chargeback.

  1. Dispute Initiation: Issuers initiate the process by sending alerts to acquirers.
  2. Merchant response: Merchants are provided with a brief period to respond to the alert, with the option to issue a refund and potentially prevent a chargeback.
  • Accept and refund: Acknowledge the dispute and refund the cardholder.
  • Decline: Default to a first chargeback, which merchants can later contest through representment.

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