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Create and maintain a stable and healthy business subscription model


As subscriptions become increasingly ingrained in daily lives, the need for effective solutions to navigate Glossary
The organization and automation of scheduled payments that happen on a regular basis, such as weekly, monthly, or annually.
recurring payments
and subscription-based models cannot be overstated. Solidgate addresses this need with its Glossary
A feature for a payment arrangement where a customer authorizes the automatic and periodic withdrawal of funds from their account to fulfill ongoing financial obligations.
subscription service
, providing merchants with a range of essential capabilities.

Flexible product and price management features form the core of this solution and empower merchants to tailor product offerings according to their needs. In Solidgate, products represent the goods or services available for subscription, while the pricing feature allows selling products in multiple currencies, reaching a global customer base. Merchants have complete control over product and price management via the Solidgate HUB or Solidgate API .

Managing products includes creating new offerings, retrieving product details, or adjusting existing products to meet specific needs and enhance customer experience.
Product pricing management is empowered by options to create, update, and retrieve pricing information, allowing merchants to maintain accurate and competitive pricing strategies.

With products and pricing in place, merchants are fully equipped to link customers with their offerings using the Solidgate’s subscription service. Throughout the subscription lifecycle, businesses have access to subscription tools to pause, cancel, or resume subscriptions, update payment credentials, and access subscription details. Furthermore, businesses can employ coupon codes to attract new customers and foster loyalty among existing ones.

Solidgate's subscription service connects customers to products. It allows for defining the frequency of recurring payments and outlining the details of the subscriptions. Additionally, merchants can offer trial periods for subscriptions and track subscription statuses.
Solidgate equips merchants with essential tools for subscription management. They include product switching, data retrieval, token updating, pausing, cancellation, and restoration, ensuring efficient operations and customer satisfaction.
For businesses centered around subscriptions, coupons feature is a great tool for attracting and retaining customers. Coupons can be tailored for various durations, redemption limits, and expiration dates, enabling targeted promotional strategies.

Solidgate’s comprehensive subscription management toolkit is extended with flexible retry logic to recover failed payments, detailed reason codes to understand churn drivers, and real-time notifications to inform merchants of all subscription events.

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