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Restore subscription
Restore cancelled subscriptions by providing the subscription ID and desired expiration date

You can restore a cancelled subscription using the provided subscription ID and specifying the desired expiration date. This functionality allows you to reinstate a particular subscription for your customer that was previously cancelled. When you restore a subscription, the customer will be billed again for continued access to the product or service.

Please ensure that you have obtained the customer’s consent before proceeding with the restoration process.

Apart from the Guide
Solidgate subscriptions offer merchants and their customers a choice between soft and hard cancellation options, ensuring flexibility in managing subscription plans.
intentional subscription cancellation
, the subscription recurring payments can be cancelled due to subscription duration settings or failed payment attempts.

  • Limited billing attempts
    Some subscriptions have a predefined number of Guide
    Solidgate provides a feature of smart retrying failed subscription payments, which helps our merchants to recover revenue and decrease the involuntary churn rate of the customers.
    billing attempts
    , after which they automatically enter the redemption status. In this scenario, customers may wish to continue using the subscription, prompting the merchant to either restore it or make another payment attempt.
  • Failed billing attempts
    Additionally, subscriptions can enter the cancelled state after unsuccessful billing attempts in the redemption status. Merchants can initiate the restoration of such subscriptions based on user requests.

Upon successful restoration, the subscription status changes from cancelled to active, and the billing period is updated based on the specified expiration date.

The restore subscription method API requires the unique merchant identification and signature in the header parameters. The request body should include the subscription_id and the desired expiration date (expired_at) in the yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss format.
To restore a subscription

  1. Go to Subscriptions > List.
  2. Use the customer’s email address to find the needed subscription.
  3. Click on the ➡️ icon to go to the Subscription details page.
  4. In the Restore subscription section, click on Restore to activate the subscription.