Restore subscription
Restore subscription
Restore canceled subscriptions by providing the subscription ID and desired expiration date

You can use this function when you want to restore a specific subscription for your client in case it was canceled. Restoring the subscription means that the customer will be charged again for future product/service usage. It is important for the merchant to have the customer’s consent before restoring the subscription.

Upon successful restoration, the subscription status will change from canceled to active, and the billing period will be updated based on the specified expiration date.


You can restore a subscription via our in our admin panel->subscription tab->list:

  • Go to the subscription tab
  • Filter subscriptions by customer’s email address
  • Click “Restore



The restore subscription method requires the unique merchant identification and signature in the header parameters. The request body should include the subscription_id and the desired expiration date ( expired_at ) in the yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss format.