3DS verification
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3DS verification
Boost payment security with 3D Secure support

Solidgate provides 3D Secure support for payments, enhancing security measures for both merchants and customers.

To process a payment as a Guide
This process ensures secure, reliable payment processing using 3D Secure authentication to prevent fraud.
3D Secure
payment, pass the force3ds parameter as a boolean with a default value of true.

When implementing 3D Secure payments, be prepared to display the 3D Secure bank page (ACS URL) to the customer after initiating a recurring request with a verify_url. The request process for recurring 3D Secure transactions is identical to the standard recurring methods, ensuring a seamless integration experience.

Furthermore, to handle 3D Secure transactions, make sure to set up success and fail URLs for browser redirects after a 3D Secure payment, either successful or unsuccessful. Provide necessary information for the frictionless flow of 3D Secure 2.0, such as browser details, time zone offset, and user-agent.

The 3D Secure verification can be triggered either from our side or from the processor's side.