Digital wallets
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Digital wallets
Improve your checkout conversion by accepting payments via Apple and Google Pay


Digital wallets have gained significant popularity and emerged as one of the foremost choices for individuals when it comes to making purchases. Both the Solidgate Guide
Understand how to integrate the payment form into your product.
Payment Form
and Guide
Easily create a safe and simple payment page.
Payment Page
include integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Merchants might consider integrations with digital wallet services due to their obvious benefits:

  • Higher conversion and sales rates: The possibility to pay in a few clicks or taps without entering payment details or carrying physical cards decreases friction at the checkout and leads to increased sales.
  • Reduced cart abandonment: The convenience of digital wallets can help reduce cart abandonment rates by simplifying the payment process for customers.
  • Security and fraud protection: These payment services utilize advanced security measures to protect customer payment information, such as tokenization and encryption.
  • Broader global reach: Digital wallets are widely used globally, allowing merchants to expand their reach and attract customers from different countries.
Improve your checkout conversion by accepting payments via Google Pay.
Google Pay
allows merchants to seamlessly integrate payment processing on their apps and websites by using secure card information stored in Google Accounts, necessitating registration with Google and inclusion of a Google Pay button on checkout pages.
Improve your checkout conversion by accepting payments via Apple Pay.
Apple Pay
provides a secure and convenient payment method for iOS users by allowing them to add credit and debit cards to their devices and authenticate purchases using biometrics or a passcode, with essential steps including obtaining an Apple Merchant ID and integrating payment certificates and domain verification for transaction security.

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