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Retrieve subscription data
Easily check and retrieve subscription information

When offering a subscription-based product model, access to accurate and timely subscription information is essential. This not only ensures customer satisfaction but also fosters financial transparency. Solidgate offers merchants a suite of efficient methods designed to retrieve subscription data, providing them with the necessary tools for effective recurring payment management.

  • Methods for retrieving subscription details
    These methods enable merchants to effortlessly obtain subscription information. Specifically, they can acquire subscription status by utilizing the subscription_id or use customer_id to access more comprehensive information, encompassing not only the subscription status but also crucial details like the upcoming billing date.
  • Methods for listing subscription invoices and orders
    The methods provide an opportunity to view the subscription payment history. Merchants can request a list of invoices by subscription_id or a list of orders by invoice_id, accessing a detailed breakdown of financial operations tied to specific subscriptions.

With this practical set of data retrieval tools, merchants can effortlessly access essential information, ensuring smooth subscription management.

By subscription ID

After performing the subscription status request API , you receive information about the last invoice for the subscription and the order status ID, which you can later use to verify the external order ID in the Solidgate HUB
With the subscription invoice information, you also receive the subscription details, information about the associated product, and key customer data, including customer account ID and email.

By customer ID

This method API allows the merchant to get all subscriptions and their status for the specific customer. Retrieving a subscription by a customer_account_id in Solidgate usually involves the steps described below.

To retrieve a subscription

  1. Get the customer's ID
    The first step is to identify the customer who has the subscription. This is generally done by retrieving the customer_account_id which is a unique identifier assigned to each customer by Solidgate.
  2. Make an API call

    Using the customer_account_id, the merchant can make an API call to Solidgate to retrieve the subscription information. The API call typically includes the customer_account_id as a parameter and returns information such as the subscription_id, status, start and end date, and next billing date.

  3. Review the subscription information
    Once the merchant receives the subscription information from the API call, they can review it to check the status of the subscription, the amount, and the next billing date for each subscription.
  4. Update the subscription status if necessary

    Based on the review, if the merchant wants to update the subscription statuses, they can make another API call.


List invoices by subscription ID

The method of listing invoices by subscription ID API allows you to get information about all invoices relevant to the specific subscription. Efficiently managing subscription-related financial operations becomes seamless with this method. It gives access to comprehensive details about all invoices directly associated with the specific subscription.

List orders by invoice ID

Using the method to list orders by invoice ID API is essential when you seek detailed information about all orders relevant to the subscription invoice by its unique identifier. This method offers a comprehensive snapshot of orders tied to the specified invoice. Such functionality enhances proficiency in managing and analyzing the payment history associated with the subscription.

To get in-depth insights into customer subscriptions, Solidgate offers a Guide
The subscription report is an invaluable tool for merchants, providing comprehensive access to all essential subscription information.
reporting solution
specifically designed to retrieve and combine all subscription-related data. The tool provides merchants with detailed information for examining and managing subscriptions, empowering them to make informed decisions.