Retrieve subscription data
Retrieve subscription data
Easily check and retrieve subscription information, including retrieval by subscription ID or customer ID

If you need to check the status of a subscription or retrieve specific information about it, you can use one of the methods described below.

By subscription ID

After performing the subscription status request, you will receive information about the last invoice for the subscription and an order status ID, which you can later use to verify the external order ID in the Solidgate HUB

By customer ID

This method allows the merchant to get all subscriptions and their status for the specific customer.

Retrieving subscriptions by customer_account_id in Solidgate typically involves the following steps:

The first step is to identify the customer for whom the subscriptions need to be retrieved. This is typically done by retrieving the customer_account_id , which is a unique identifier assigned to each customer by Solidgate.
Using the customer_account_id , the merchant can make an API call to Solidgate to retrieve all the subscriptions associated with that customer_account_id . The API call will typically include the customer_account_id as a parameter, and will return information such as the subscription_id , status, start and end date, and next billing date for all subscriptions associated with that customer.
Once the merchant receives the subscription information from the API call, they can review it to check the status of the subscriptions, the amount, and the next billing date for each subscription.
Based on the review, if the merchant wants to update any of the subscription status, they can make another API call to Solidgate to update the subscription status.