Subscription events
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Subscription events
Harness the power of subscription webhooks for efficient subscription status monitoring

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Implement webhooks for payments to automate event delivery and guarantee efficient event processing in your system.
, merchants receive asynchronous notifications via subscription Webhook for any changes to the subscription.

The webhook structure is similar to the subscription status method, but the callback_type parameter is added to the response object. The types of callbacks are init , renew , pause , update , pause_schedule.create , pause_schedule.update , pause_schedule.delete , resume , and cancel .

Condition Parameters
The user has successfully started the subscription. callback_type: init and status: active
The user has successfully paid for the renewal of the subscription or restored the specific subscription in case it was cancelled. callback_type: renew and status: active
The user came to the support service and asked to unsubscribe and the support representative cancelled the subscription. The subscription is active until the end of the billing period. callback_type: update and status: active

subscription: cancelled_at

This parameter is required, but in other cases, for example in refunds, this parameter is null.
The subscription goes into the redemption period due to declined recurring payments with retry attempts.

If all retries fail, the subscription status becomes cancelled. However, if any retry attempt is successful, the status becomes active.
callback_type: update and status: redemption
The user has successfully paused the subscription. callback_type: pause and status: paused
Establishing a pause plan, including all relevant subscription and customer details.

callback_type: pause_schedule.create and status: active
Modifying an existing pause plan, reflecting changes in dates and subscription specifics. callback_type: pause_schedule.update and status: active or paused
Removing a pause plan.

This refers to the deletion of the pause plan, not resuming from a paused status.
callback_type: pause_schedule.delete and status: active
The event occurs when a subscription resumes according to its schedule, resumes from a pause, manually. callback_type: resume and status: active
When a subscription is cancelled for any reason, a webhook notification is sent.

The cancel codes section details the reasons for cancellation, such as expiration of the subscription term, customer request, plan cancellation, failed payment attempts, or fraudulent activity.
callback_type: cancel and status: cancelled