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Changelog in Solidgate refers to a record of changes made to the system, including new features, bug fixes, and other modifications


Payment form

  • The display of the Cartes Bancaires cartes-bancaires logo in the form header has been implemented, enhancing user recognition and convenience.
  • Email validation has been updated to check for basic rule compliance.

Card payments

  • The dummy cardholder value generation for payments that are called without card_holder value has been removed. This update does not impact the payment processing, and high-quality processing is still being provided. Instead, the dummy cardholder value will not be sent in responses.
  • Our 3DS processing flow has been updated to include 2-step Guide
    Improve your checkout conversion by accepting payments via Apple and Google Pay.
    Apple Pay
    and Guide
    Improve your checkout conversion by accepting payments via Apple and Google Pay.
    Google Pay
  • The payment_type parameter has been enhanced with validation in the charge API endpoint. It is now mandatory when the cvv parameter is absent. If the cvv parameter is missing and no payment_type is provided, the payment will be declined.


  • Removed data property from subscription pause API responses.
  • The transfer of order_metadata to all subscription Webhook webhooks has been successfully implemented, enhancing the business logic and enabling businesses to effectively utilize order information.


  • A new alert type prevented has been added.
  • Improved the search functionality for user email used in the Positive/Negative list feature in the HUB, enhancing its performance and accuracy.
  • A new subsection Fraud has been added to the Reports, featuring a default monthly breakdown of data for the past 6 months.

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