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OXXO vouchers enhance Mexico's payment landscape
OXXO API is a crucial payment method in Mexico, enabling merchants to reach the substantial population without traditional banking services. OXXO vouchers are a popular choice even among those with bank accounts, offering a low-risk payment option with in-person cash payments at OXXO stores. Countries Mexico (MX)

Currencies Mexican Peso (MXN)

Min amount 1 MXN

Max amount 10,000 MXN/transaction
Recurring No

Refund Yes

Chargeback No

Principle of operation

  1. Voucher Generation: Customers receive a transaction voucher with a unique reference number.
  2. In-Person Payment: Customers make a cash payment at an OXXO store using the voucher.
  3. Payment Confirmation: Merchants receive payment confirmation and settled funds by the next business day.