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Financial reports
Financial entries report offers crucial data for reconciliations and reporting

This report enables reconciliation of transactions, fees charged by acquirers and Solidgate, and the exchange rates of acquirers.

Moreover, the report allows for flexible analysis of financial data based on various parameters, including the issuing country, payment method, card brand, and more. This feature is instrumental in providing insights into the financial performance of your payments

Run a report

To run a report, follow these steps:

  1. Make an API request.
  2. Receive the report URL in the response.
  3. Download the report using this URL and the correct authorization credentials.

Step 1

Make a request to generate the report by providing the necessary parameters, such as using the appropriate API endpoint in two ways: Financial entries by date range API
date_from , date_to
Financial entries by settlement API

Step 2

Upon successful submission, the API responds with a report_url where the generated report can be downloaded in CSV format.

The report unloads data based on the created_at + 2 days parameter, which corresponds to the date the operation was executed.

Step 3

Download the report API using the report_url , it is crucial to use the same Guide
Learn to authenticate API requests and fix validation errors effectively.
authorization credentials
( publicKey + secretKey ) to make the API request for downloading the report.

Since the report is prepared asynchronously, it may take some time before it is ready for download. If the report is not yet ready, the API reference returns the corresponding status code.
  • 201 this indicates an authentication failure; double-check your access to the Solidgate API.
  • 204 this status means the report is not yet ready; wait a little longer for it to be generated.
  • 302 this code signifies a redirect to a one-time S3 download report link.
  • 404 this indicates the report was not found.
  • 410 this means the report is unavailable (expired).
Please note that the report is only available for 30 days from its generation date. After that period, it is no longer accessible.

Report structure

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