Payment types and statuses
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Payment types and statuses
Understand payment states and types to implement correct business logic

When dealing with payments, it is crucial to differentiate between an order and a transaction as they have distinct meanings and implications.

Solidgate order logs are stored for 30 days.

An order is essentially a customer’s request to purchase goods or services, serving as a record of their intended purchase.

The life cycle of an order in Solidgate encompasses various states, each signifying a distinct phase of the payment process. Starting from the created state, an order transitions through stages like processing, 3ds_verify, and approved, ultimately culminating in definitive states such as declined, refunded, or settle_ok. Each state, whether it’s a reservation of funds (auth ok), pending settlement (settle_pending), or final resolution (approved, declined), plays a critical role in the transaction flow, guiding merchants through the complexities of payment processing.

A transaction represents a particular payment associated with an order executed by the customer.

In Solidgate’s system, a transaction progresses through various states: created, indicating the initiation of a transaction; processing, where the transaction is actively verified; verify, for transactions requiring 3DS verification, directing customers to the ACS URL; settle pending, applicable to specific payment methods like Giropay, iDeal, and Sofort, where the payment is confirmed but not yet credited; fail, denoting a rejected transaction with decline codes for detail; and success, signifying the successful completion of the transaction. Understanding these states is crucial for merchants in managing and tracking the payment process efficiently.

Order status

Value Final State Description
created No This is the initial state of an order, indicating its creation. It remains in this state until a payment attempt occurs.
processing No An order enters this state when payment is first attempted and stays here until a payment is captured.
3ds_verify No This state is for orders undergoing 3D Secure verification, either triggered by a payment request with a 3D parameter or additional verification by Solidgate or the issuing bank.
settle_pending No This state applies to payment methods like Giropay/iDeal/Sofort, where the payment is confirmed but not yet credited to the merchant's account.
auth_ok No Indicates successful reservation of funds for the transaction.
auth_failed Yes This state indicates a failure in reserving funds.
void_ok Yes The reservation of funds has been voided.
approved Yes The order is approved, and the payment is successfully processed.
declined Yes The order was declined.
settle_ok Yes Reserved funds have been successfully captured.
partial_settled Yes A portion of the funds has been captured.
refunded Yes Funds by the order were transferred back to the cardholder.
The final state denotes whether an order can remain in that state until subsequent actions like void or refund, as part of logical system processing.

Transaction status

Value Description
created The transaction was created.
processing The transaction is currently undergoing processing.
verify The transaction is going through 3DS verification. Redirect the customer to the ACS URL provided in response to finalize the payment.
settle_pending The payment has been confirmed but not yet credited to the merchant's account. This logic applies only to Giropay/iDeal/Sofort payment methods.
fail The transaction has been rejected. Refer to the decline code for additional information.
success The transaction has been successfully processed.

Transaction type

Value Description
pay The operation of charging, which includes authorization and capture in a single transaction.
recurring The operation of executing payments using a token for repeated transactions.
recurring-auth The operation of reserving funds using a token.
refund The operation of transferring funds back to the cardholder.
resign The operation of executing payments using a token in conjunction with CVV.
resign-auth The operation of reserving funds using a token and CVV.
auth The operation of reserving funds.
settle The operation of settling reserved funds.
void The operation of cancelling a reserved fund.
apple-pay The charge via Apple Pay.
google-pay The charge via Google Pay.