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Webpay, operated by Transbank, is Chile's leading online payment service
Webpay API is Chile's leading online payment service, operated by Transbank. With a wide merchant base of over 180,000, Webpay is integral to the Chilean e-commerce sector, offering a range of secure payment methods including major credit and debit cards. Countries Chile (CL)

Currencies Chilean Peso (CLP)

Min amount 50 CLP
Recurring No

Refund Yes

Chargeback No

Principle of operation

  1. Payment Selection: Customers choose Webpay Plus at checkout.
  2. Payment Method: They can pay using a bank card or Redcompra.
  3. Transaction Completion: After successful transaction, a payment voucher is emailed to the customer as receipt.
  4. Merchant Notification: The merchant receives notification of the payment, allowing them to proceed with order fulfillment.

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