Refund reasons
Refund reasons
Tracking and analyzing reasons for returns would help you to maximize your revenue and better understand your business operations

Refund reason codes are provided for both void and refund operations. You could use them for the analysis of the return structure or trigger specific events on your side.

0021 Solidgate - Request by User

This refund reason is used for all manual refunds via HUB.

0022 Solidgate - Issuer Fraud Notification

When the issuer reports a fraudulent charge directly to Solidgate, our Team may do a refund after contacting the merchant.

0023 Solidgate - Risk Department

The result of fraud detection by our team, the customer can ask for a refund for the transaction.

0024 Solidgate - Retrieval Request

If the issuer posts a Retrieval Request, the merchant could choose to refund the transactions.

0025 Solidgate - Prevention Alert

Refunds are automatically issued with this code when we receive a prevention alert.

Previously, the following refund codes 0016,0017,0018,0019 were used.

0026 Solidgate - System Error

This code is used rarely, only in case of technical problems between Solidgate, providers, and payment networks.

0027 Solidgate - Antifraud

his code is used for automatic refund action caused by our antifraud.

0028 Solidgate - Expired Authorization

After auth expires, we could issue the void with this code.

0001 Request by Support user
0002 Fraud - PSP
0003 Fraud - SP Antifraud
0004 Fraud - SP Antifraud
0005 Fraud - MaxMind
0006 Fraud - Threatmetrix
0007 Fraud - Manual check
0008 Potential Chargeback - Retrieval Request
0009 Potential Chargeback - Refund after Chargeback
0010 System Error - Product
0011 System Error - SignedPay
0012 System Error - PSP
0013 Ethoca alert - Fraud
0014 Ethoca alert - Friendly Fraud
0015 Ethoca alert - Potential Chargeback
0016 Verifi alert - Fraud
0017 Verifi alert - Friendly Fraud
0018 Verifi alert - Potential Chargeback
0019 VMPI Alert
0020 Mismatch status (Decline - Approved)