Countries specifics
Countries specifics
Improve your approval ratio across countries by collecting and providing additional data

When utilizing the H2H API in Solidgate, it is crucial to gather and transmit supplementary customer information to ensure successful card or alternative payment method acceptance in specific regions. This data must be included within the payment request via the payment_type_data

It’s important to focus on the Card BIN and retrieve a set of necessary supplementary fields based on the BIN country (the first 6 digits). Additionally, depending on the provider, the customer’s phone number parameter is frequently utilized to authenticate the individual initiating the payment, such as indian_customer_phone in the case of India.

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would gather any additional information on your behalf.

In the table below, you can find the fields required within specific countries and alternative payment methods.

Parameter Type Regular Expression Description Country Method
argentina_dni string [0-9\]{7,9} A national identity document code should be collected and provided for Argentinian cardholders. Argentina Card
bangladesh_nic string [0-9\]{13,17} National Identity Card Bangladesh Card
bolivia_ci string [0-9\]{5,20} Cedula de Identidad Bolivia Card
brazil_cpf numeric [0-9\]{11} CPF
Validation Document - Last two digits are verifiers
Brazil Card
cameroon_cni string [0-9\]{8} СNI Cameroon Card
chile_ci string .{8,9} Rol Único Tributario Chile Card
china_id string [0-9\]{5,20} Citizen ID Number China Card
colombia_cc string [0-9\]{6,10} Cedula de Ciudadania Colombia Card
costa_rica_ci string [0-9\]{9} Cédula de Identidad Costa Rica Card
dominicana_id string [0-9\]{11} Identity card Dominican Republic Card
ecuador_ci string [0-9\]{5,20} Cédula de Identidad Ecuador Card
el_salvador_id string [0-9\]{9,11} Personal Identification Card El Salvador Card
egypt_id string [0-9\]{14} Identity card Egypt Card
ghana_card string [a-zA-Z0-9\]{13} Ghana Card Ghana Card
guatemala_cui string [0-9\]{13} CUI Guatemala Card
india_pan string [a-zA-Z\]{5}\[0-9\]{4}\[a-zA-Z\]{1} PAN India Card
indian_customer_phone string ^[0-9]+$ The customer’s phone number, often used for identity verification for payments in India. India Card
indonesia_nik string [0-9\]{16} NIK Indonesia Card
japan_id string [0-9\]{12} My Number Japan Card
kenya_id string [0-9\]{8} National ID Card Kenya Card
malaysia_nric string [0-9\]{12} NRIC Malaysia
mexico_curp string [a-zA-Z0-9\]{10,18} CURP Mexico Card
morocco_cnie string [a-zA-Z0-9\]{5,20} CNIE Morocco Card
nigeria_nin string [0-9\]{11} NIN Nigeria Card
panama_id string [0-9\]{8} Cedula de Identidad Panama Card
paraguay_ci string [0-9\]{5,20} Cedula de Identidad Paraguay Card
peru_dni string [0-9\]{8,9} A national identity document code for Peruvian cardholders Peru Card
philipines_psn string [0-9\]{12} PSN Philippines Card
senegal_cni string [0-9\]{13,17} CNI or ECOWAS ID Card Senegal Card
south_africa_id string [0-9\]{13} South African Identity Card South Africa Card
tanzania_id string [0-9\]{20} National Identity Card Tanzania Card
thailand_id string [0-9\]{13} Thai Identity Card Thailand Card
turkey_tc_kimlik_no string [0-9\]{5,20} T.C. Kimlik No. Turkey Card
uganda_nic string [a-zA-Z0-9\]{14} National ID number (NIC) Uganda Card
uruguay_ci string [0-9\]{6,8} Cédula de Identidad Uruguay Card
vietnam_vnid string [0-9\]{9}$ VNID Vietnam Card
vpa string ^\[\w.-\]+@\[\w\]+$ VPA India Card
zip_code string [0-9] ZIP code is the term used to describe the postal code system USA Card